Rad Decay

Rad Decay 4.0

Displays and verifies data on radioactive decay
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Charles Hacker
Analyse samples of materials undergoing radioactive decay and display the results in the program with automated processing and calculation features. It recognizes over 3000 radionuclides from the NNDC) ENSDF database and provides detailed reports on the relevant items.

Rad Decay is a software developed by Charles Hacker, Lecturer in Electronics, Computing and Physics and provides radioactive decay information for over 3000 radionuclides.
The data is extrapolated from the US Brookhaven National Laboratory National Nuclear Data Center (NNDC) ENSDF database.
Data provided include the half life, radioactive daughter nuclides, decay chain series, probabilities per decay, and decay product energies for alphas, betas, positrons, electrons, X-rays, and photons.

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